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If there’s one thing I love…it’s flying!

I earned my Private Pilot’s certificate in January 2016, and through the help and generosity of the Keep Flying scholarship through Women in Aviation, completed my Instrument training on June 7, 2017.

My dream and goal is to become a flight instructor and jet pilot.  If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, you already know how much I love posting about this passion of mine 😀  You can also read the beginning of my story over at mine and my sisters’ blog, Seven Sisters.


But what does this have to do with your website?!

Of all the work I do on the computer, designing websites is my favorite!  I want to help you get your website or business “off the ground”, and consequently, you will be helping me to complete my flight training.

When you hire me to design a site for you, this is what happens!

You get a brand new beautiful site

Which enables me to continue flight training

I’ll share my flight stories and pictures with you

And you and your site will be advertised as my “sponsor” for those flights to everyone else watching my email and Facebook page!

“Working with Jessica has brought the biggest business breakthrough for me this year! I’ve worked with many designers and virtual assistants over the years, but she takes the cake! She’s a jane-of-all-trades and a pleasant person to work with. Communication is always clear and constant. You’re never left wondering where she went or what she’s up to. I will be eternally thankful for how she has already helped my business, both monetarily and mentally!”

– Bess Blanco, FRESH Start Health Coach


“Jessica was a lifesaver! I set up a private family blog, but got stuck on the security details because I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Jessica listened to my needs and preferences, and came up with a few options. She is quick, polite, non-judgmental, and well-priced. I needed her help about 3 times to unpick various problems I couldn’t solve on my own. I WILL LIKELY ASK FOR HER HELP, AGAIN. She makes a great teammate.”

– Elise


“Jessica was looking for more work to help fund her flight training, and I was looking for a diligent, capable, teachable, responsible, resourceful, creative, punctual, wise technical assistant to design and manage my family and parenting blog, create printables and e-books, set up and manage our small press publishing company’s web store, send out weekly e-newsletters, put up weekly podcast episodes (along with handouts and outlines she creates), and much more.

Guess what? I got more than I could have ever hoped for or dreamed of having in Jessica. As the blog has grown over the past two years (in large part due to her efforts), the job requirements and hours have also increased. Jessica has stepped up to each task with skill and grace.”

-Donna Reish
author, teacher, blogger at Character Ink Press & DonnaReish.com

The Jumbo Jet: Full Website

  • Hosted Wordpress website (click here to learn what this means)
  • Up to five pages (a lot like my site you're looking at now)
  • FREE Premium Divi Theme
  • Designed to look good across all devices
  • Plenty of communication getting your site just how you want it
  • Support as you learn to use the site
  • PayPal integration for e-store
  • Up to ten products listed for e-stores (and training on how to do it yourself if you wish!)


($1,000* for e-store)


Single Engine Prop: One Sales Page

Need just one page set up for a product you're selling or wanting people to sign up for? This plan is for you 😉  As always, there will be plenty of communication getting your page just how you want it! See one example here.





*Pricing is approximate and may vary by project. 


Are you ready to get started?!  Let’s takeoff together!

Ready to build a site but want to see what my work looks like?  Click below to view my portfolio!